The median startup spends 92% of first year revenue on customer acquisition, taking 11-months to payback their customer acquisition costs.

In the B2B space, customer acquisition is a long and time-consuming process and valuable time and resources can be wasted on business development activities that lead nowhere.

This leads to one of the biggest reasons for startups to fail, when the cost of acquiring customers hinders the startup's ability to grow and scale quickly.


NetworkBD is a B2B tool, based on academic research, that takes a network perspective to identify key customers who are well-connected within their business and industry networks.

Being more strategic in outreach efforts and targeting these enterprise "influencers” can unlock viral growth opportunities while reducing customer acquisition costs.


Data Gathering

Provide information about your prospective and current customers from any lead generation that your organization has performed or from any lead generation tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo, Zoominfo, Owler, DnB, RocketReach, etc.

Company Mapping

NetworkBD utilizes publicly available data – press releases, public LinkedIn profiles, websites - to map the network of relationships and strength of the connections between the prospective and existing customers and partners.

Simulation Analysis

Based on the information gathered, the ideal customer profile metrics, and the network connections between companies, NetworkBD runs over 10,000 simulations in an advanced agent-based network model.

NetworkBD Ranking

The results of the NetworkBD analysis provide a ranking of the prospective customers who can generate network effects to accelerate growth, as well as how existing customers can be leveraged to reach these prospects.



“The NetworkBD approach provided unique insights into how our current clients and potential prospects are connected. The results of the analysis helped our team re-evaluate and re-prioritize our business development and sales strategy.”
“NetworkBD is a methodologically robust process that helps to identify new customers, markets and order priorities. This helped our startup with resource allocation, board reporting and insights to grow and scale.”
“NetworkBD demonstrated there are unsuspecting gems of influence hidden in plain sight. It was meaningful to see how we could leverage connections in our business network to assist our business development team to make more impactful decisions.”
"The outcomes from the NetworkBD analysis helped us formulate our outreach towards prospective clients. Insights from the mapping enabled us to explore ways to approach high priority leads by leveraging relationships with current clients."
“The NetworkBD approach to collating data on customers who fit our ideal customer profiles allowed us to focus our resources on the accounts that were not only more receptive to innovation but which also yielded the best long term ROI.”
"NetworkBD is an exciting tool that provides interesting insight into the complex networks. Our experience pursuing the NetworkBD process gave us novel and valuable insights that have ultimately added texture to our customer acquisition approach."

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